Port Royal
It is the 1660s and Port Royal has been crowned the Sodom of the New World. The main residents are pirates, cutthroats, and prostitutes. The Jamaican government pays the pirates to protect the city - but what happens when piracy is illegalized?

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Born Mary Hallett, a female of age eighteen. She has a striking resemblance to Imogen Poots. She holds the role of witch.

Loving. Insecure. Skilled.  

  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Eastham, Massachusetts Colony
  • Occupation: Witch
  • Faceclaim: Imogen Poots

“They say true love is the most difficult. I believe our love is true.”

Mary Hallett, sometimes called Maria affectionately, was born in the small village of Eastham found in the Massachusetts colony.   Her father was a bibliothecary and her mother was an important member of the community through family connections. Mary was known for being a beautiful girl with bright blond hair. She was an expert at weaving and through this trade made money to support herself. Overall, Mary was a sweet child and they hoped the best marriage for her. That was until she met the likes of Sam Bellamy.  At age sixteen, when in the local market, she met the charming pirate and was smitten. Far from an obnoxious giggling girl, he took a liking to her. She had an air of serenity and twinkle of maturity in her eyes. For months his ship stayed docked in the Cape as they courted in secret. The romance ended when he craved for the sea again. In a chilly September, Sam showered her in promises that he would return when he had enough loot to properly marry her.

Months went by and Mary was shocked to discover she was pregnant. She hoped to keep her child but the stigma of an unwed teenage mother was a jail sentence and a threat of exile. In her haste to hide her crying infant one night, the girl hid in a barn and attempted to quiet him. When she deemed it safe, she uncovered child’s mouth and nose to discover he had died. Grief overtook her. Her beautiful boy was dead. To make matters worse, she had been discovered. Townspeople saw her late at night, with a mysterious bundle, go into the barn. Once the blue lipped child was discovered, she was an outcast. The golden girl became a cautionary tale who was sneered at.  Officers threatened to throw her in jail. Mary was ever thankful when her father pulled strings to save her from that fate.

Instead, a majority of Eastham’s population turned on her, ignoring and verbally abusing her until she felt she must leave. Her father did all he could but in place of the jail sentence she was to be exiled to Wellfleet. A small “shack” was available for her to stay in and the people of Wellfleet would provide her services despite her reputation. Mary continued to wait, watching the docks with care. Soon, she was called a witch for her strange behavior and the increasing bad weather of the Cape.  The rumors were true and with her new abilities she seeks her Sam Bellamy in the Caribbean—her gifts as a way of payment.  

  • Sam Bellamy: The famous pirate who stole her heart. Though she knows falling for such a man is foolish, she hopes to find Sam again.
    * Please excuse the name typo on her image. It will be fixed soon.
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Five male and five female roles have been posted. We’re leaving the other two roles (one male and one female) open for requests before auditions are opened. If we don’t receive any before the 29th, we’ll post two more premade roles.

- Al

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Born Alastair Gelson, a male of age thirty-two. He has a striking resemblance to Aaron Perry Taylor-Johnson. He holds the role of blacksmith.

Hard-headed. Focused. Pessimistic.  

  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Harlow, England
  • Occupation: Blacksmith
  • Faceclaim: Aaron Perry Taylor-Johnson.

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”

Alastair is the illegitimate son of a royal and a servant in England. He was raised in the house with his mother until at the age of seven - a spitting image of his father, the wife found out. He and his mother were thrown out to live on the streets as beggars. Alastair had begun at a young age working - trying to make work at any place he could to survive. His mother did what she could - which was sell her body, which resulted in a younger sister. 

He’d made a name for himself as a well-known blacksmith in the area - so much so that the King and his men would frequent Alastair’s shop to have their weaponry made. At age twenty, he had his own business to support his mother and younger sister. 

With his name spreading throughout the region, as the firstborn (though illegitimate), the second son of his father feared he might take his position and inheritance. Using what power he had, he had Alastair banished and deported to Jamaica. Landing on Port Royal - he opened up shop to become a blacksmith for the pirates on the island. Still renowned as one of the most skilled weapon makers, he wishes to return home to see his mother and sister.

A man of few words, he can appear rather cold to people. However, once you get to know him; he’s a rather kind soul. He takes pride in his work and enjoys being able to create things. 

This role is OPEN.

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Born Ezra Reis, a male of age nineteen. He has a striking resemblance to Ezra MillerHe holds the role of Cabin Boy.

Humorous. Obedient. Witty.  

  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Israel
  • Occupation: Cabin Boy
  • Faceclaim: Ezra Miller

“Observance is the best means of understanding.”

Ezra was born in Israel and abandoned at three years old. He knows nothing about his biological family or the reasons for being abandoned. Edward Reis was a traveling scholar from Germany. He was very well educated and when he found the young beggar boy on the side of the road, he adopted him as his own son. His wife had died and left him with no children. Refusing to remarry, he claimed Ezra as his son. 

Traveling the world, Ezra had always been fascinated by pirates. Through all the places he’d been - he’d never come in contact with them. His father had told him stories and legends of the piracy going on in the world which made Ezra yearn to learn more about it. He was a bright young man who enjoyed learning. Maybe too curious for his own good - he decided at age eighteen, he’d try to find a well known pirate to take him on board where he could study. 

Ezra ran into Anne at a port in Europe. Baffled to see a woman commanding a pirate ship, he begged her to take him with her so he could study what piracy was like - especially that of a woman. Much to her dismay at first, Anne was convinced by a very eager Ezra to come on board. However - she didn’t go very easy on her. Permitting him to take the role as Cabin Boy, Anne showed Ezra first hand what it was like to run a ship. That is - as her little minion of sorts. A very displeased Ezra is now the run around for Anne and her officers. Things like fetching uniforms, meals, and delivering letters for her are a daily occurrence for him. 

A natural writer by heart, Ezra has been documenting his travels and the pirates he meets. Creating a documentation of the history of sorts, what he experiences, he writes. Becoming the apprentice of a pirate is still something he needs to work on, the life of adventure and piracy is something he loves. He still writes his father who is back home and even sends him money and gifts occasionally. 

  • Anne Bonny: Anne treats Ezra as if he were her own son at times - although she’d never admit she cares for him in that fashion. She appreciates his eagerness and willingness to learn ad observe. Ezra is also very appreciated as a ‘servant’ of sorts to her and she allows him to be taught by the other pirates in her crew.

This role is OPEN.

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Born Alejandro Torres, a male of age twenty-six. He has a striking resemblance to Sam Milby. He holds the role of deckhand.

Ambitious. Independent. Proud.  

  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
  • Occupation: Deckhand
  • Faceclaim: Sam Milby

“Would you rather die like a caged dog? I will die free like our people before us.”

Alejandro Torres was born into an influential Filipino family of apothecaries who prospered under Spanish rule. A rebellious child, he still learned the old ways including the diwatas and praised the Philippine hero Lapu Lapu. This caused him to clash with his more Spanish supporting parents. When he grew of age, he was sent to Spain to study abroad at the Complutense University of Madrid. However, against his parents wishes, he joined the Spanish Navy, not wanting to follow his father’s footsteps. Despite being allied on paper to Spain, his heart felt otherwise.

He was part of a Spanish privateer crew on a Biscayer ship stationed to the Caribbean. Hearing the news of the Maniango, Malong, and Almazon revolts, he became enraged. Torres then faked his own death and escaped to Port Royal. From there he worked on several ships, defecting and becoming a pirate to sink Spanish ships and make a profit. His pirate name means ‘trade winds’. It is also the name of a mythological bird and first creature to inhabit the universe. He uses this name to cast off any Spanish influence left over him. 

  • Ching Shih: Due to the anti-Chinese sentiment held by the Philippines during the Chinese Revolt and the history of Chinese pirate, Limahong, raiding the country, Torres is cautious and does not trust her solely by her origin.

This role is OPEN.

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Born Shi Xiang Gu, a female of age thirty-four. She has a striking resemblance to Bingbing Fan. She holds the role of admiral of the Red Flag Fleet.

Passionate. Power-Hungry. Bloodthirsty.  

  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Canton, China
  • Occupation: Admiral
  • Faceclaim: Bingbing Fan

“The blood of my enemies will show my strength.”

Shi Xiang Gu was born and raised in Canton, China. Being of a lowly background and unable to become a courtesan she turned to prostitution in a small brothel. She would have stayed there if pirates had not raided her part of Canton. Quickly she went from meager prostitute to woman of a pirate. Zheng Yi, a Chinese pirate captain had ordered his men to storm into the brothel and take Shi Xiang Gu. However - unlike most dark tales of pirates taking women - Zheng Yi requested her hand in marriage. The two were wed and she joined him on his ship.

Abducted and seemingly forced into pirate life, she discovered it fit her much better than her insipid days of clients in the brothel. Together, they built one of the most powerful fleets in all of China: The Red Flag Fleet.  When her husband passed away while they were in Vietnam, she took control of the fleet as admiral, proving the fleet wrong in that she was ‘just a woman’. Her pirate name means, ‘widow of Zheng’. 

As admiral of the fleet now - she is more lethal and fearsome than her husband. Holding a leadership position  - Shi Xiang Gu is in control of enforcing the code of the fleet. The rules are strict, lethal, and always enforced. Due to her gruesome way of operating, the British government named her the ‘Terror of South China.’ Legend says that if someone where to resist, she’d nail them to the ship and have her men beat them. 

Currently, she runs a fleet of over 1,500 ships and 80,000 men. She is a force to be reckoned with and a loyal ally to posses.

This role is OPEN.

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Born Mary Moders, a female of age twenty-nine. She has a striking resemblance to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She holds the role of prostitute and entertainer.

Cunning. Seductive. Fearless. 

  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Canterbury, England
  • Occupation: Prostitute and entertainer (former con-artist)
  • Faceclaim: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The world’s a cheat, and we that move in it, in our degrees, do exercise our wit; And better ’tis to get a glorious name, however got, than live by common fame.”

Mary Moders was born and raised in Canterbury where she married a journeyman cobbler Thomas Stedman. The marriage was dissatisfying to her and lacked income. Later on, with the death of natural death of her two infants devastated her. Mary left her husband to pursue life in Dover, where she met and married a prosperous surgeon. The marriage brought up a discrepancy and she was then tried and arrested for bigamy. 

After her arrest, she traveled to Cologne, where she had an affair with a local nobleman. She masqueraded as the Lord of Holmstein’s daughter. When she left Cologne, she used this alias to marry John Carleton. An anonymous letter later exposed her lies. She was acquitted of impersonating a German princess by saying John Carleton lied of being a Lord to steal her ‘money’. From that trial she wrote her own account and acted in it, gaining admirers. Those were her first two cons that would lead to ten years of the same behavior. At most she was accused of stealing and served brief jail times.

Finally, she was sent to Jamaica for stealing a silver tankard. In Port Royal she is one of the most well-known and popular prostitutes. 

This role is OPEN.

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Born Jacquotte Delahaye, a female of age twenty-two. She has a striking resemblance to Angel Coulby. She holds the role of buccaneer.

Spunky. Kind. Courageous. 

  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Haiti
  • Occupation: Pirate (previously buccaneer)
  • Faceclaim: Angel Coulby

“Surprise is always your biggest defense.”

Jacquotte was born to a Haitian mother and a French father in Haiti. Her mother died in childbirth leaving her with her father and elder brother suffered from a mild case of retardation. They had lived in Haiti towards the cost where both her and her brother admired the sea. 

When Jacquotte was a young teen, her father was murdered before her eyes by a Spanish sailor. With her brother now in her care, Jacquotte vowed to both provide for her brother and seek revenge for her father on the Spanish fleets. Without masquerading as a male - Jacquotte joined with a band of buccaneers to overtake Spanish fleets. With the earnings she made, she helped support and care for her brother. 

Very successful - she had several hundred pirates under her command which helped her take over her own island in the Caribbean called the ‘free boater republic.’ During a shoot out on the island, she was shot, however survived. Taking on a male alias, she lived for several years in hiding with her brother. 

At age twenty-two, she revealed she was alive to her crew and became known as ‘back from the dead red’ because of her red hair and resurrection stunt. She currently acts as a buccaneer where she frequents Port Royal for safety and to provide and visit for her brother. 

This role is OPEN.

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By Saturday, we should have all of the roles from our first batch posted. 
As of now, we’ll have 6 men and 6 women (one or two historical for each group). 

However - we will take requests if anyone is set on a specific FC or role type. 

- Al.

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